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S. M. Sevón

Award-winning Author


New Release

Of a Dying Breed (2024)

Continuing the story of They Wait in the Woods and What Human Remains, Of a Dying Breed takes familiar themes and places them in a completely different setting, studying the darker side of human nature and exploring new elements of fear. Classic supernatural shifter horror mixed with intense action and gripping human drama is guaranteed to thrill and entertain.

The book is available worldwide as an eBook and  paperback through Amazon (check your local Amazon site), Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, and associated resellers.

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They Wait in The Woods (Bonnie Parker Series Book 1) by S. M. Sevón is a nail-biting, fast-paced novel that keeps you on edge from the very beginning. It is an exhilarating story with violent shape-shifters hunting in a secluded area where unsuspecting people go to party, hunt, and fish. Reminiscent of campfire tales, it has the desired effect of striking fear and anxiety in the audience. As the plot unfolds, the apprehension intensifies until the story comes to its shocking conclusion. This is a fantastic supernatural novel with terrifying supernatural creatures that is sure to satisfy young adult and adult horror fans alike.

Susan Sewell for Readers' Favorite - 5 stars

Praise & Reviews

Can’t lie, I love me a good monster book and who doesn’t love werewolves? The suspense here is gripping right from the start. Every time you think these characters are going to get a time out, something else happens. You have to keep reading, there’s not a good place to put it down, where you don’t feel like you’re missing something.

I’m also in love with the villain. I relish when the bad guy is grey. Someone you want to root for, but deep down, you know is no good. Villains who make you question what you would do or who you might be if you were faced with their particular circumstances are my favorite. I hate characters that are evil because they’re born that way and I am always thrilled when a great one emerges from the woodwork. [...]

Author SamiJo McQuiston, review on Amazon and Goodreads

There's plenty of action in this book to keep you turning pages. Bonnie has to not only navigate the changes happening within her but also a gathering of people and tons of shifting alliances. Darkness saturates this book, so I recommend making sure you're in the right mood for drinking it [...]

Author Anya Pavelle, on What Human Remains, review on Goodreads


'grazey', Amazon review

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